Hexon GROUP | 六 韜 集 團

Hexon Consulting Limited | 六 韜 管 理 諮 詢 有 限 公 司

Hexon Human Capital Limited | 六 韜 人 力 資 本 有 限 公 司

Hexon Investment Services Limited | 六 韜 投 資 服 務 有 限 公 司

Hexon Asset Management Limited | 六 韜 資 產 管 理 有 限 公 司

HEXONGROUP | 六 韜 集 團


Hexon Group, formerly Tricor Consulting Limited, founded in 2009, was one of the core subsidiary of TRICOR GROUP, provided comprehensive services to corporate and listed companies. In 2018.11, we successfully 100% acquired Tricor Consulting Limited and Tricor Human Capital Limited from the Group. Re-branded the names, Hexon Consulting Limited & Hexon Human Capital Limited, start a new mileage.
In order to enhance our service quality and the competitiveness of the market, we have joined new talents and grow our company tree.
"Hexon", Any small biological structure that has hexagonal symmetry, take it name for metaphorical meaning of our 6 Core Business, include Management Consulting; Mergers & Acquisition; Human Resources Advisory Services; Sustainability Development Solutions; Training & Development Consultancy Services; and RPO & Contract Staffing Services.
 “六韜 is a book of military strategy and tactic, named in the warring states period in Ancient China by T’ai Kung, it offers a broad range of teachings on strategy that are applicable to leadership in any arena of human activity. It include the importance of benevolence in building strong and effective organizations, strategies for overcoming an opponent of superior strength, the role of moral leadership as the basis of prosperity, the hidden dynamics of power and the strategies of command, and specific tactics for overcoming adverse situations.
HEXONGROUP  dedicated to working with clients to create value and strengthen organization capabilities to realize strategic goals and enduring results. We help companies to achieve business success and non-profit organizations to meet the needs of stakeholders.
Our consultants share our clients’ visions and are committed to developing practical solutions for tangible results.  With diverse and copious experience and expertise, we address each client’s unique challenges with tailored approaches.

Our Mission

Integrated with the best practices and applied strategic solutions, providing INNOVATIVE and HIGH-IMPACT experience


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